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Reflections, Images, and Videos for January 29

February 1, 2017


On January 29, we celebrated the Conversion of our Patron, the Apostle Paul, and especially focussed on what our Old Testament Reading (the last verse of which [Micah 6:8] is pictured in 6 image files in this posting) had to teach us about how to live out our lives as Jesus’ disciples in the world, as Paul did. Embedded below are the videos we watched before our 10 a.m. Service to help prepare us for worship.



Here’s a video of Jackie Pullinger, who’s spent the last 50 years sharing God’s love among heroin addicts in Hong Kong, sharing a powerful message on Micah 6:8. 

Here’s the Rev’d Timothy Keller, Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York, preaching about this church’s core value of “Doing Justice and Mercy.”

Here’s Franciscan Friar Fr. Ed Shea sharing wise words about walking humbly with our God.

And, here’s a video of the world-renowned New Testament scholar, the Rt. Rev’d Dr. N. T. Wright, speaking about the content of his recent massive work on the Apostle whose conversion we were celebrating, Paul and the Faithfulness of God.



As we were celebrating the Feast of the Conversion of our Patron, St. Paul, and were having our Annual Meeting of Parishioners at 11:30, we put our Parish Prayer on our screens (see  below), and prayed it together at both of our morning Services. 




Before our Offertory Hymn we watched the second part of the Stewardship Video we began on January 22, “How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Trust God.”



We departed our 10 a.m. Service with the following videos reminding us of our mission as members of St. Paul’s to walk in, and spread throughout the world, the light of Our Lord’s love.


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