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A Reflection, a Prayer, and Two Songs to Bring in the New Year

January 3, 2017


I pray that all of us in our Parish family enter 2017 with a deep a sense of gratitude for Our Lord’s faithfulness to us this past year, and joyful excitement at the adventures he has in store for us as we step further along the road hand in hand with him. Below are a reflection, a prayer, and two songs that give voice to this attitude of the heart. Print copies of the reflection and prayer are available on the resource table in the Hall.



minnie_louise_haskins2This poem is “God Knows” (1908) by Minnie Louise Haskins (1875-1957). It, famously, was quoted by King George VI, in his 1939 Christmas radio broadcast to the British Empire facing the hardship and uncertainty of World War II. A recording of the last two minutes of King George’s speech, which ends with these words, is embedded below.


Jesus … Master … Shepherd … Teacher … Door … Vine … Friend, You are many things to many people. You are near enough to know our every need; and, by faith, we know that You walk with us and that You are going before us, showing us the Way, Your Way. You are with us as Emmanuel – God with us. So we do not fear. Grant us the gift of the spirit of faith to walk Your Way with assurance and love. Amen.

[Source: Episcopal Website:]



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