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Reflections, Images, and Videos from Our Remembrance Sunday (November 13) Services

November 14, 2016


Our Sunday Services at St. Paul’s had a Remembrance Day theme. The Sanctuary decorations, music, sermon, Act of Remembrance, and Prayers of the People at both Services reflected this.


So too did our pre- and post-Service videos. Embedded immediately below are four videos we watched before our 10 a.m. Service to help prepare us for worship.


Here’s the Gospel passage that we read at both Services.


mummery-2015In his sermon, Deacon Bob began by reminding us of the children’s story “Chicken Little,” in which Chicken Little cries out to all who will listen that “the sky is falling.” Bob then said that 2 lessons from the story are, “‘Don’t believe everything you hear,’ and, ‘Fear is contagious.'” He referred to the following motto, which was used at the beginning of World War II to help steel the resolve of the people of Great Britain in the face of the attacks they were about to endure. 


Bob said this motto has a message similar to what Jesus and Paul are saying in the day’s Gospel and Epistle readings. In the face of the turmoil they were experiencing (wars, rumours of wars, or persecution) – when they felt like the sky was falling, followers of use-this-oneJesus were called not to grow weary of doing good, not to become paralyzed by fear, but to proclaim by word and deed the Good News of God’s love. They were called to trust the Lord, to keep calm and carry on. The calling is the same for us today. We may feel like the sky is falling, whether it is as a result of the recent US election, the global threat of terrorism, concerns about the environment, or more immediate challenges such as the loss of a job or a cancer diagnosis from our Doctor. In the midst of the turmoil in our lives, we’re invited to keep calm and carry on trusting and doing good. In so doing, our lives will bear witness to the truth of the Gospel: We don’t need to be afraid; we are not alone; God is with us. Thanks be to God.


After the sermon, we shared the following Act of Remembrance. The first 2 videos we watched only at our 10 a.m. Service.




We left our 10 a.m. Service with the following videos inviting us to receive and go forth as part of the answer to the BAS Prayer for Peace we shared as part of the Prayers of the People at both Services.

O God, it is your will to hold both heaven and earth in a single peace. Let the design of your great love shine on the waste of our wraths and sorrows, and give peace to your Church, peace among nations, peace in our homes, and peace in our hearts; through your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen (p. 677).



At Coffee Time following both Services, Linda Penton and our Youth Group sold “hot dogs for heroes,” raising nearly $200 for the Veterans Food Bank! We thank Linda and our youth for enabling us to remember our veterans in this concrete way!



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