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Reflections, Images, and Videos from Our June 5 Services

June 6, 2016

June 5

Embedded below are the videos we watched on June 5 to prepare for worship. The first 2 were shown only before our 10 a.m. Service.

The sermon on June 5 began with the quotes from Muhammad Ali that are embedded below. The images will enlarge if you click on them.







Near the end of the sermon, the video embedded below was shown.

The sermon ended with the following words:

Just before our Service, there was a video of Randy Travis singing a song that has the lyrics:
“I will not drown in shallow water
Not with your love within my reach”.

In July, 2013, Randy Travis faced not shallow water but the deepest flood of life-threatening illness. He nearly died from a virus that attacked his heart, and suffered a major stroke that left him unable to speak or sing, and sharing partially in Joni’s paralysis. Since then, he’s been slowly recovering, and earlier this year Travis gave his first public performance since his stroke, singing at the funeral of a friend. The song he sang was “Amazing Grace.”

May our lives also sing out this greatest gift, from the greatest One of all! Amen.


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