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The News Bulletin, Images, and Videos from Our Services for the Day of Pentecost (May 15)

May 16, 2016


We celebrated the Day of Pentecost at our Services on May 15 at St. Paul’s, seeking to be so filled with the Holy Spirit, that our lives overflow with love for our God and all God’s creation!



Here are two videos we watched before our 10 a.m. Service to help us prepare for worship.

We began our worship with the video embedded immediately below.


The Pentecost resources table in the Hall had on it the following poem by Andrew King.

A Poem for the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-21)

Sierra Exif JPEG

It was one of those days where
leaves are thrashed
from tree branches writhing
under a racing sky,
and my childhood friend playing
outdoors with me wondered:
does the wind
ever stop blowing?

And does it stop somewhere, he asked again,
or just keep going around and around the world?

Back then I said I didn’t know
but now I know there came a day
when a wind began in a certain house
that filled with a light like flame,

and that wind had the roar of justice,
and that wind had the rush of love,
and that wind had the whisper of peace and compassion,
and it carried the words of hope and joy
to an anxious and needy world,

and it was gentle enough to touch the wounded soul
and strong enough to stir the ever seeking hearts
of women and men, young and old,
from city to distant shores,

and it pulled down walls of distrust and fear
and threw open doors of possibility,
and oaks of hatred have bent in its path
and palisades of pain have fallen to its strength
and new life has spread like scattered seed

and yes, my friend, that wind
circles the world
and no,
it has never stopped blowing.

Copyright ©2016 by Andrew King



The next two images below are the News Bulletin for May 15. They’ll enlarge if you click on them.

May 15 2016 page 1

May 15 2016 page 2

In the News Bulletin it mentions the wonderful news that we’ve been matched with a Syrian refugee family from the May 11 BVOR list! The family of 6 are currently living in Jordan, in a camp like the one pictured below.

Refugee Camp Panoramas: Za'atari Refugee Camp, Jordan

The Dad is 36, the Mom 32. There are also 2 boys, age 14 and 12; and 2 girls, age 9 and 5. The Dad and the three older children speak some English, and the children appear to be close to grade level in education. The Dad has employable skills as a carpenter, maker of interior wood decorations, and Shawarma chef. They have no friends or relations in Canada, and will be able to arrive in Canada in 3 to 6 weeks’ time!

Thank you so much, Jennifer Solem and all the members of NeST, for your perseverance!

We thank our God for the precious gift we’re being given of offering and receiving love in such a relationship, embarking on what will be one of the most awesome journeys of our lives!



We had the great joy of Baptizing Lauren Peters at our 10 a.m. Service, a literal outpouring of blessing for us all!



At the conclusion of our 10 a.m. Service, we were sent out into the world, rejoicing in the power of the Spirit, with the video embedded below.

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