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Loving Responses to the Need in Fort McMurray

May 6, 2016


hiltz-01-suntitledThe Primate and Archbishop Greg have shared written responses to the devastating fire in Fort McMurray.

You can read the Primate’s message by clicking here.

You can read Archbishop Greg’s message by clicking here.

Canadian-Red-Cross-Logo-RedDonations to help the people of Fort McMurray can be made to the Red Cross by clicking here. St. Paul’s has made a donation of $1,000 to the Red Cross from our Outreach tithe. We’re all also invited to make individual donations, as these will be matched by both the Provincial and Federal Governments. 208412_199771813376742_6620484_n

Donations can also be made to the Diocese of Athabasca, specified to “Fort McMurray Fire Relief” and through the “Canada Helps” button on (lower left side, put “Fort McMurray Fire Relief” in the comment section), or through the PWRDF by clicking here.

Wildfire in Fort McMurray

As the Primate has invited us:

We pray for all who are fleeing the fires that they may travel in safety.

We pray for those who will receive them in emergency shelters.

We pray for those who, against all odds given the unusually high seasonal temperatures and high winds, are battling the blaze and attempting to curtail its reach.

We pray for all the firefighters, police and emergency service workers. These are exhausting days for them.

We pray for all who face the loss of their homes, businesses, and livelihoods.

We pray for all who are trying to protect City Hall and other public service buildings with an eye to the huge task of rebuilding the city in time.

We shall continue to hold Fort McMurray in prayer, as we as a Church and a nation respond to this unfolding crisis.

“For all who are in danger,
For all whose work is to protect and serve,
We pray to you, Lord.”



In my May 4 posting, I included four videos showing the destruction the fire has wrought. Three more are embedded below. These are followed by four videos showing the beginning of our response as a nation, and a picture that expresses our commitment to so respond in love that the people of Fort McMurray may be enabled to rebuild their lives.






One particularly moving response to the need caused by the fire has come from Syrian refugees in Calgary. You can read about this by clicking here.


A video about this response is embedded below.

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