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At St. Paul’s We’re Uniting in Prayer for Fort McMurray

May 4, 2016


We’re uniting in prayer at St. Paul’s for Fort McMurray as firefighters battle the devastating fire that’s forced mass evacuation of the city.

I invite us to offer this prayer together:

Our loving God, we pray for this terrible fire to be brought under control, and for everyone to remain safe. We pray for your peace for all members in our Parish who have loved ones in this area. We pray for the resources that are necessary to enable the community to rebuild, once the fire is out. And we pray for an end to the drought conditions in our Province. All this we ask in the Name of Our Risen and Ascended Lord. Amen.



Here are two news reports and two other videos that show the destruction: 


May 4, 3:35 P.M. UPDATE:

Here are two more videos that show the danger and devastation of the Fort McMurray fire:


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