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We Shared a Most Special Evening at St. Paul’s to Support the Refugee Family We’ll be Sponsoring

April 13, 2016


We shared a most remarkable evening together on April 9 to raise funds to support the refugee family we’ll be sponsoring! Huge thanks to Kathleen Robinson, Doreen Peters, Laura Anne Fink, all members of NeST (our Newcomers Support Team), John McIntyre and Expedia, all members of our Choir, our youth, and everyone who came out to make the evening so awesome!


The photos and videos in this posting give a small sense of how special our time together was. 


The evening included singing led by our Choir. One of the pieces we sang was “Five Thousand Miles,” to the tune of the well-known 1960’s folk song “Five Hundred Miles.” Kathleen Robinson provided the moving, new lyrics embedded below, to speak to the experience of refugees, and our commitment to share the long journey to forging a new home together.


With over 100 items to bid on, and a great prize of a $500 travel voucher from Expedia, the Silent Auction and Raffle portion of the evening raised an amazing $5,686! 


There were also great refreshments, served in a first-rate manner by our youth.


One of the highlights of the evening was the “world premiere” of the video embedded below, which was shot by Kathleen Robinson. As I said in my sermon the following morning:

It reminds us that each one of us – without exception – has been invited by name by Our Risen Lord, the Good Shepherd who laid down his life for us, to be part of his flock, his family for ever; invited to a relationship of love that makes us dance for joy – a relationship in which we’re empowered to give ourselves completely in love to the One who’s given himself completely in love to us; and invited to express this love for him by embracing one another in the dance of discipleship. Our dear sister Betty Campbell appears in the video at one point. I asked Kathleen how Betty made it into the video, as I knew she’d been unable to come to Services since last summer. Kathleen replied that she’d filmed Betty when she and Kathy Marcine visited her. This vignette bears eloquent wordless testimony that no one’s unimportant: young, old – all are part of the family, and included in our embrace. And the reason the video was shot in the first place is because we’re opening up our hearts to sponsor and welcome a refugee family. So the video reminds us that the embrace we’re invited to have is one that’s as wide as Jesus’ own – wide enough to reach and include all the lambs he loves.

Once again: Thank you so much to EVERYONE!


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