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Walking in the Way of the Cross of Love – A Hymn by Martin Franzmann

March 23, 2016


GriefWeary of all trumpeting,
Weary of all killing,
Weary of all songs that sing
Promise, nonfulfilling.
We would raise, O Christ, one song:
We would join in singing
That great music pure and strong,
Wherewith heav’n is ringing.

Captain Christ, O lowly Lord,
Servant King, your dying
Bade us sheathe the foolish sword,
Bade us cease denying.
Trumpet with your Spirit’s breath
Through each height and hallow:
Into your self-giving death,
Call us all to follow.

Use ItTo the triumph of your cross
Summon all the living
Summon us to live by loss,
Gaining all by giving.
Suff’ring all, that we may see
Triumph in surrender;
Leaving all, that we may be
Partners in your splendor.

(Martin Franzmann, 1971)



This hymn by Martin Franzmann was read as the conclusion to the reflection at our Service of Compline in the Chapel to mark Tuesday in Holy Week, in response to the bombings that took place in Brussels that morning. The photos in this posting are from Brussels, in the aftermath of the evil attacks.

The video embedded below is the third movement of the 1754 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by Belgian composer Dieudonne-Pascal Pieltain. While we listen to it, I invite us to pray for comfort for all who suffer, and for peace for our broken world; and to commit ourselves to walking the way of the Cross of love, to do all that we can to be agents through whom God brings the fulfillment of this prayer into reality.

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