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“The Time Has Come” – A Poem for the Fifth Sunday in Lent by Andrew King

March 25, 2015


Andrew King-2I’m a regular visitor of Andrew King’s blog “A Poetic Kind of Place.” This past Sunday, I ended my sermon with the following poem, which he wrote for the Fifth Sunday in Lent, Year B.

John 12:20-36 

The time is here: be lifted, Human One,
to glorify the God whose rule is love;
the hour of sacrifice is why you’ve come.
Now may we hear the voice that speaks above!

The time is ripe: be planted, Faithful Seed,
to be the grain that life abundant gives.
Teach us the death-to-self that is our need —
that willingness to serve is how to live.

The time is now: shine out, O Lord of Light
into our hearts, into the shadowed earth;
show us the way to love; give us the sight
that sees in every soul eternal worth.

The time has come: be lifted, Holy One,
to draw all people to your saving grace;
as children of your light may we become
the ones who share your love through time and space.



Embedded below is a video of Robin Mark’s version of “How Great are You, Lord,” which we watched on our screens at our 10 a.m. Service last Sunday, while offering our silent thanks and praise.

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