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September Snow and Our Saviour’s Sacrifice

September 18, 2014


As I was reflecting on the devastating results on the trees in our city of our September snowfall, I thought of an analogy describing Jesus’ sacrificial love that I’ve never thought of before. If Jesus were walking the earth in Calgary just after our snowfall last week and wanted to help us understand his offer of salvation through the Cross, I think he may have used an analogy of trees in September snow. Perhaps he would have said, “Let me take all the weight of snow upon me, the burden which is overwhelming you, too much for you to bear and to carry. And let me put it upon myself.”

GethsemaneThe Garden of Gethsemane, in which Our Lord agonized in prayer before going to Calvary, means literally the “Garden of the Olive Press.” The crushing weight of an enormous stone was used to remove the oil from the olives. How fitting for Jesus to be pouring out his heart in prayer here just before he took upon himself the weight of the world!

I think of the cracking of the trees from the weight of the snow, and I remember that he was willing to be broken for me!

photo 2.jpg

(I shared this analogy as part of my sermon at our September 14 Services.)

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