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Three Prayers for Healing on 9/11

September 11, 2014


On this thirteenth anniversary of the attacks on 9/11, we’re all aware of the need for healing in the Middle East, the Ukraine, and throughout the world – and indeed in every human heart, including our own. Embedded below are three prayers for the healing we each need so much.


Dear Lord, as we remember the evils of September 11th, let us turn our hearts and minds towards the good found only in you. Be close to those who mourn; embrace all who are grieving. May we never forget them. Protect those who go in harm’s way to save others, and those who suffer and die to protect the vulnerable. Give wisdom to our leaders, that they may make choices that prevent another day such as this. Convert the hearts of those who seek destruction, and banish from the world the darkness that allows such hate to fester and grow. Let your love rain down upon us, and let your peace flourish on the Earth. All these things we ask in the Name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.
(Thomas L. McDonald, 2013, alt.) 

Lord, please let us understand one another to create world peace. Let us come together in your love. Let us treat others the way we want to be treated. Give us the gift of understanding and forgiveness. Amen.
(Eighth Grade Students, 2011)

Our heavenly Father, we pray for peace and justice all around the world. Please help to end all wars, hunger, and poverty. Please help all of the people dying from sickness. Please help all the victims of terrorism and war, and help them get to a safer place. Please lead all people to you in heaven and to an everlasting life.
(Eighth Grade Students, 2011)


Last year’s 9/11 posting can be accessed by clicking here.

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