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Our Chapel’s New Steeple is Up and Looks Awesome!

April 7, 2014

The new steeple for our Chapel was erected today, restoring the Chapel to its original appearance in 1885. It’s an amazing feeling to look at the Chapel and see it looking as it appears in pre-1940’s photographs! (Actually, the weather vane that was on the top of the replacement steeple came from the 1885 original, and it’s being restored off-site, so that it can adorn the top of the new steeple to make the restoration complete.) The next step is for the roof to be re-shingled, and then for the base of the steeple to be sided and painted.

Enormous thanks go to Terry Allwarden, Robert Worden, and all the Midnapore Church of England Society, for working so hard and so well to make this day a reality! Thank you, too, to everyone else who donated funds!


I spoke today with Aaron McClinchey (pictured above), who’s in charge of the construction, and I’m delighted to share that he told me that even if the remaining work isn’t quite finished, everything will be good to go ahead with our plan to ring the bell for the first time in a steeple restored to look like the 1885 original to begin a BCP Service of Compline at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday in Holy Week, April 15.

Bell (Enlarged)

How awesome it will be to ring our 252 year old bell to begin this Service from our 352 year old Book of Common Prayer in our beautiful and fully restored 129 year old Chapel! Everyone’s invited! Please spread the word!

Also, please invite everyone to our 6:29 a.m. Easter Sunrise Service of Morning Prayer at the Chapel on April 20, and the Dedication of our new steeple with our Bishop on the afternoon of June 15, following a picnic on the Chapel grounds!  

For more pictures and stories relating to our Chapel’s steeple restoration, please click here.

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