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Look for a New Steeple on Our Midnapore Chapel

March 31, 2014

It’s a time of new, exciting things at St. Paul’s. We had our first Sunday with our new screens on March 30. And on April 1, we’ll be starting to put up the new steeple at our Chapel. Construction is set to take around 2 weeks, so we’ll be able to look at the progress as we drive by on Macleod Trail. Then, on Tuesday in Holy Week and Sunrise on Easter morning, please plan to come, if you can, and worship in the Chapel, which will be restored to look once again as it did in 1885!

The steeple that is presently on the Chapel was built in the 1940′s, to replace the original steeple, which was the victim of wood rot. This second steeple is roughly half the size of the original. The steeple that is about to be erected has been made to the exact specifications of the original steeple of 1885. Huge thanks to MCES and everyone who donated funds, time, and energy to bring about this wonderful new moment in the unfolding history of our Parish!

3904783We’re planning an awesome day celebrating our new steeple on June 15. We’ll gather for our Parish Picnic around noon on the Chapel grounds, and then gather with our Bishop to dedicate the steeple to Our Lord’s service and glory. Please mark it on your calendar, and spread the word!

For a February news story about the erection of the new steeple, please click here.

Many thanks, also, to MCES for a great new website dedicated to the Chapel:



The steeple from the 1940’s came off today! Here are some photos.


Look for a CTV News story on these latest developments in the steeple restoration for our Chapel to be broadcast tomorrow, April 2, between 5 and 7 p.m.



imageOur Chapel’s steeple restoration made the News today! You can see today’s CTV News video story showing the dismantling of the Chapel’s second steeple from the 1940’s by clicking here.

Don’t forget to keep glancing at the Chapel while you drive by, and to keep checking this blog posting, to see the putting up of the new steeple (and the roof re-shingling) that will be taking place in this next 2 weeks.

The plan is to ring the bell for the first time in a steeple like that in which it was housed when the Chapel was first constructed, to begin the Compline Service at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 15.  



Yesterday, Robert Worden, who’s Vice-President of MCES, shared this email about the timetable for the remaining restoration to the Chapel:  “The steeple is slated to be installed on Monday morning at 10:00 am. Then sometime later in the week, the shingles will be started. After the shingles are complete, the base of the steeple will be sided and painted.”

Use Me

Robert was also interviewed by The Calgary Sun, and there’s an excellent article in today’s Sun as a result. You can see it by clicking here.

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