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You’re Invited to Share an Awesome Sunday at St. Paul’s on March 30!

March 29, 2014

Mar. 30 for Blog

This Sunday is going to be an awesome day together!

We’ll be celebrating Mothering Sunday, the Sunday in the middle of Lent in which we focus on Our Lord’s tender love for each of us, and how we, the church, the family of God, can share this tender love and care for one another, and together care for all the world. 


We’ll have a special Mothering Sunday Reflection and Mothering Sunday prayers. We’ll end our Service with the ancient practice of “clipping the church” (think of “clasping” and you’re getting the idea!). And at our post-Services’ coffee time, we’ll adapt the traditional practice of sharing simnel cakes (fruit cakes with almond filling) and extend our fare to all kinds of sweets with fruit in them – including goodies such as raisin cookies, banana nut loaves, blueberry muffins, and strawberry cheese strudel! These all fit in excellently with the theme for the month our Sunday School will be sharing with us at our 10 a.m. Service (see below). 

This will also be the first Sunday with our new screens. At our 8:30 Service, we’ll conclude a time of reflection by watching and listening to a video of the Choir of St. Paul’s Cathedral singing Charles Hylton Stewart’s beautiful early 20th Century musical rendition of the BCP words of the 23rd Psalm. At our Triple C Service at 10 a.m., we’ll be using the screens for a number of parts of the Service. We’ll have the Children’s Song on the screens (so Andrea won’t need to hand out sheets any more!). We’ll watch the Gospel, the story of Jesus’ healing of the man born blind from John Chapter 9, from the movie “The Gospel of John,” which is a word-for-word faithful presentation of Holy Scripture. And we’ll conclude a time of reflection by watching and listening to a wonderful video of John Rutter’s musical rendition of Psalm 23.

And, so appropriate for “Mothering” Sunday, our precious children will be a big part of our focus at our 10 a.m. Service. They’ll be joining our opening procession (parents, you may want to take photos!). In the Children’s Talk, they’ll be sharing with us what they’ve been learning about the fruit of the Spirit. Look for an actual tree in a red wagon! They’ll be telling us about a way we can reach out with the fruit of love to our Foster Child Desta Keweti this Lenten Season. And, with the help of our new screens, they and the Choir will be teaching us the song “I’ve Got the Joy.”


“Joy” is indeed going to be the word of the day! Please join us, to share the joy, if you can – and please spread the word about this awesome day we’re going to be having together!


Embedded below is a video of the song “Bind Us Together” (with a very appropriate background!), which we’ll be singing at the end of our 8:30 and 10 a.m. Services as we engage in clipping the church. (Unless the weather improves dramatically, we’ll be doing this inside!)

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