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We’re Invited to be Immersed in Our Lord’s Baptism This Sunday at St. Paul’s

January 10, 2014

Everyone’s invited to our celebration of the Baptism of the Lord at this Sunday’s 8:30 and 10 a.m. Services at St. Paul’s. 

We’ll focus on the love of Jesus, which moved him to share our Baptism so that we might share his. And we’ll reflect together on what it means to be Baptized. Although there won’t be any Holy Baptisms on Sunday (the next Baptisms at St. Paul’s will occur on March 2 – if you’d like to be Baptized yourself or to have one of your children Baptized on this date, please let me or Fr. Cyril know), we’re going to have the Baptismal Font at the front of the Sanctuary; and when we come up to receive Holy Eucharist, we’ll all be invited to dip our hands in the water and make the sign of the cross on our foreheads, as a symbolic expression of our commitment to live through Jesus’ life. 

Please spread the word!


Embedded below is the Baptism of Our Lord as depicted in The Bible miniseries and Franco Zeffirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth.”



The image at the top of this posting is the painting “The Baptism of the Christ #2” by the wonderful contemporary artist Daniel Bonnell.

Daniel states:
My interests lie within the beauty of ambiguity held within painting that pursues a sacred direction within the realm of Christology. Following the path of using a monastic discipline of Lectio Divina approach to my paintings allows a process of reading, reflecting, meditation and transformation to occur from my creation of the work itself, to its own development and creation and back to me through a transformation or element of kenosis.

The destination Daniel reaches through this creative path of emptying is paintings with great fullness.

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