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“Colours des Jours” for November 10 to 24

November 9, 2013

Here are the “colour du jour” suggestions for the next three Sundays:

– Remembrance Sunday, November 10th, we’re invited to wear the colour of poppies, red and black. This also matches the practice of many to wear red on Fridays as a sign of remembering the members of our Armed Forces. It goes without saying that one way we can all have the colours of poppies on November 10 is by wearing a poppy. Poppies are available on the display table in the Hall.

Here’s what John has to say about the colours for November 17 and 24:

– Sunday November 17th – The Republic of Suriname in South America celebrates its independence on November 25th. Their flag is red, green, and white bands, with a prominent yellow star in the middle. Interesting meanings to the different colours if you care to check out the Wiki link for background. Any combo or all of these four colours would be very nice on the 24th but how about we emphasize the yellow given the star means unity of ethnic groups.

 – Sunday November 24th – We’ll break from the colours of countries with birthdays in the month, and instead celebrate a Canadian national past time. It’s Grey Cup Sunday so wear the colours of your favorite team that’s in the big game (hopefully we’ll have red, white, and black as one choice).


Have a great one! Cheers,   …John…


Embedded below is the anthem for Suriname, “God zij met ons Suriname” or “Opo kondreman.” It has two verses: the first in Dutch and the second in Sranan Tongo. The words are wonderful, translating into English as follows:

God be with our Suriname
May He elevate our lovely land
No matter how we came together
We are dedicated to its soil
Working we keep in mind
Justice and truth will set free
All that’s good to watch
Will give value to our land.

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