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Prayers of the Saints – A Night Prayer by St. Augustine of Hippo

November 5, 2013

I’m adding a new “feature” on my blog, which I’m calling “Prayers of the Saints.” Roughly every two weeks, I’ll post a prayer from the “great cloud of witnesses”  (Hebrews 12:1) of our brothers and sisters in the Lord who’ve run this race of life before us.

The “prayer of the saints” in this posting is a night prayer by St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430). It’s included in the “Night Prayer” Liturgy of the Supplementary to The Book of Alternative Services.

Watch, dear Lord,
with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight,
and give your angels charge over those who sleep.
Tend your sick ones, O Lord Christ,
rest your weary ones.
Bless your dying ones.
Soothe your suffering ones.
Pity your afflicted ones.
Shield your joyous ones.
And all for your love’s sake.


This translation of St. Augustine’s prayer is from Veronica Zundel, ed., The Lion Book of Famous Prayers. The portrait of St. Augustine is by French painter Philippe de Champaigne (1602-1674). The Latin word “veritas” translates as “truth” in English. 

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