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Giving Thanks for God’s Greatest Gift – Jesus, the Bread of Life

October 20, 2013

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life.
Whoever comes to me will never be hungry.”
(John 6:35)

In the above passage, Jesus is claiming to be the greatest gift of all, to meet the deepest need of all. “Whoever puts their trust in me,” Jesus says, “will NEVER be hungry”! 

Jesus promises: “I am the true life-giving nourishment, the sustenance of life itself, of very existence, for those who trust in me. I will fill your heart. I will fill your every need. I will fill you with my very own life. You will have my own life within you, and you will live indeed!” 

This is why Jesus came to earth. He came to give himself, as bread that is broken on the Cross, to feed us in our deepest hunger forever. When we realize what Jesus really wants to do for us, it moves us to thanksgiving at such a deeper level – the level of thanksgiving in which we love the Giver, and not just the gifts – where indeed, we see that the Giver IS the Gift, and give ourselves in love to God in response.

Thomas à Kempis, captured by this thankfulness, poured forth this prayer:

Dear Lord, I long to receive you with deepest devotion and ardent love, and with all the affection and favour of my heart … O my God, Eternal Love, my supreme good and eternal delight, I wish to withhold no part of myself, but freely and most gladly to make an offering to you of all that I am or have.

Accept, O Lord my God, my vows and my desire to offer you infinite praise and boundless blessing; for these are your rightful due, by reason of your unspeakable greatness (Ps. 150:2) These I render, and wish to render every day and every moment.

I invite us all, using our own words, to do the same. Amen.


This is adapted from the sermon at our October 13 Services.

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