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Ottawa, Colorado, Washington – Three Tragedies, One Grief, One Source of Comfort

September 19, 2013

Our hearts have been moved in the last several days by three terrible tragedies: the collision in Ottawa of bus and train, the flooding in Colorado, and the shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.

I spent an anxious day yesterday, until I was able to determine that my sister-in-law and nephew and their families, who commute in Ottawa, were uninjured in the terrible crash that occurred.

For all of us, the flooding in Colorado has had an eerie sense of deja vu.

And the awful loss of life at the Navy Yard in Washington – which also produced its own feeling of deja vu, as we have so often travelled this path before – occurring so soon after the positive moves toward peace in Syria, brought home again the tragic violence that is inflicted by people upon one another throughout the world, and also raised the vital question of how we are supporting those who live with mental illness in our society.

The tragedies were different in their source, but the grief they left in their wake was one and the same. So too is the Source of comfort for all who are suffering. To this One we pray for healing for all those who are injured, displaced, or bereaved, and we commit ourselves to walking beside them, as fellow sufferers, in this journey of life we share with one another and Our Lord.

Almighty God, source of all mercy and giver of comfort: 
Deal graciously with those who mourn,
that, casting all their sorrow on you, 
they may know the consolation of your love; 
through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.
(Book of Common Worship)

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