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On September 29, We’re Planning to Move from Welcoming to Inviting at St. Paul’s

August 21, 2013


September 29 is “Back to Church Sunday” in the Anglican Church of Canada. On this Sunday, we’re encouraged to each invite a friend, family member, neighbour, or colleague to come and share worship with us. This is because we want to be not only a welcoming church (offering warmth to those who come to join us), but also an inviting church (going out to connect with people and share God’s welcome with them where they’re at).

1. Michael HarveyWe were privileged to have Michael Harvey, who began “Back to Church Sunday” a decade ago, speak to our Diocese about this at St. Paul’s on June 13 and 14. Michael reflected with us on unlocking the growth God desires, through facing the fears that hinder us from becoming an inviting church.

There’s a lot of great material available from the website and the Twitter account Some of it’s in our September issue of Living Waters.

12steps-250x140Embedded below are 12 short videos with some of these insights on “twelve steps to becoming an inviting church.” I encourage us all to look at them. 


Michael has also written a book on this subject, called Unlocking the Growth. You’re welcome to borrow this from my Book Nook in the Hall. He’s put together the following 11 short videos with questions on issues the book raises. I also encourage us to watch and reflect on each of these, as we seek to move to being not only welcoming, but also inviting.

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