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We Give Thanks for Our New Deputy People’s Warden!

August 15, 2013

Photo of Paul

At our Annual Meeting of Parishioners on January 27, we were unable to elect a Deputy People’s Warden, and so empowered Parish Council “to continue looking for a suitable candidate to fill this position” (Minutes, Item 11b). Since our Annual Meeting, Parish Council has been actively engaged in doing this, supported by the prayers of our whole Parish family. I’m overjoyed to share with you that “seeking and keeping on seeking,” we have found! On Tuesday,  Parish Council unanimously elected Paul Bourgeois as our new Deputy People’s Warden.

We give Our Lord thanks for raising up Paul to volunteer for this position of servant leadership in our Parish family. We thank Paul and Dorothy Ann for their willingness to make this commitment, and we commit ourselves to doing all we can to work together with Paul to further the purposes of God in our midst. We pray for the Holy Spirit to empower and equip Paul, and to bless him and bless through him, as he gives himself in this ministry.

All of us will have the opportunity of affirming Paul in this Office of Deputy People’s Warden at the end of the Service this Sunday. Please spread the word!

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