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We Shared a Wonderful Welcoming on June 9!

June 12, 2013











Our Welcoming of New and Returning Members on June 9 was awesome! Twenty-nine of our 62 new and returning members were able to be with us! A huge “Thank you,” Louise Mullaney (our Newcomers’ contact person on Parish Council) for all your work to make the day so special! Huge thanks, also, Allison Shanahan and Iona Shaw (from our Hospitality Committee), Ed Mullaney, and all who prepared food for the great lunch after our 10 a.m. Service! We look forward to welcoming many of the 33 new and returning members who weren’t able to be with us at the end of next couple of Sundays!

The above photos give a sense of how super the lunch after the Service was! At our Parish Picnic on June 23, we’re planning to give a framed picture of one of the group photos to each household from our new and returning members who were photographed. Thank you, Laura Anne and Louise Mullaney, for taking them!  

The images below are of the Welcoming Liturgy that we shared together.




JUNE 17 UPDATE: Yesterday, we were able to add these two pictures of four new members whom we weren’t able to photograph on June 16 (plus one whom we photographed, but whose face you can see this time!).

All of the images in this posting will enlarge if you click on them.

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