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Our “Alienation” Evening was AWESOME!

March 1, 2013

The presentation by Alienation on February 27, Pink Shirt Day, turned out to be even more awesome than we expected! Thirty-two people (15 youth and 17 adults from 20-something to 80-something) came out to hear Kevin Mark and his fellow members of the speaking group Alienation share their inspirational stories of journeying through the challenges of life. We were stirred by Kevin’s message that A + B = D (abilities + belief in yourself = dreams); Larry’s message to hold on to the rope of life; and Russ’ message that if you live a life of love, you will love the life you live.

Thank you so much to our youth for coming out with a number of your friends, and being such excellent hosts to Aaron and the youth from St. Peter’s, Alienation, and the adults from our Parish! Thank you to the adults who worked with them! And thank you, Kevin, and all the members of Alienation, for putting so much into what you shared in order to make it so powerful! All of you made this an evening we shall all remember!

Thank you, Aaron Havens and Kathleen Robinson, for the photos in this posting. All of the images will enlargen if you click on them.

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