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A St. David’s Day Reflection on the Fire of God’s Love, Plus a Sunday Invitation

March 1, 2013

Fire of Love

It is a flame of fire from midmost heaven that came down hither into the world, fire that will kindle my stubborn nature, fire that will fill my whole life; it will not fail while God remains in being.

I shall never be able to declare, if I should try as long as I live, how pleasant, how sweet, how strong his love is: it is an endless flame that came from midmost heaven to earth.

Oh, a passionate, powerful strong flame of fire has been kindled in heaven; everlasting love it is, that has made a union between God and me.

(Selected verses from the Welsh hymn-writer William Williams Pantycelyn, 1716-1791)


You are invited to come and experience a St. David’s Day flavour at our 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. Services this Sunday, with Welsh prayers, such as the above reflection by William Williams Pantycelyn, and hymns, such as “Immortal, Invisible,” which is embedded below.

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