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Adam and Zach, We are Filled with Joy at Your Confirmation!

February 16, 2013

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Congratulations, Adam and Zach, on your Confirmation on February 3!

We, the members of your Parish family, give thanks to the Lord for you, and join Bishop Greg in the prayer he offered for you:

Defend, O Lord, your servants Adam and Zachary with your heavenly grace, that they may continue yours for ever, and daily increase in your Holy Spirit more and more, until they come to your everlasting kingdom. Amen. 

(Thank you, Dan and Debra Brisbin, for the photos in this posting. These photos will enlargen if you click on them.)

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  1. Anonymous permalink


    Enjoy your blog. Curious how an adult goes about getting confirmed in the Anglican Church. I was baptized as in infant in the Anglican Church, but was not confirmed as a child. Thirty odd years later I am feeling drawn back towards the Anglican Church and not sure if I have to be confirmed or not.

    Thanks for your time!

    • Hi There!

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I’m delighted to reply to your question. Adult Confirmation is no different from the Confirmation of teens, in that it’s all about saying for yourself the Baptismal vows that were made on your behalf as an infant. The preparation to be able to do this involves exploring the fundamentals of what it means to be a Christian. In our Parish, my Assistant, Cyril, and I gave the adult candidate books to read (two good ones are John Stott’s Your Confirmation [1991 edition] and N. T. Wright’s Simply Christian) and discussed these and the meaning of the Baptismal vows in the Canadian Book of Alternative Services with him. This Fall, we’ll be offering an Alpha Course at St. Paul’s, which many have found an excellent component of Adult Confirmation preparation, and will be encouraging any adults who are interested in Confirmation to participate. Each Parish approaches Confirmation of teens and adults in its own unique way. The next step, if you’d like to look more into being Confirmed, is to talk with the clergy in your home congregation. I’m sure that you’ll find they’ll be excited to work with you to help you explore discipleship more deeply. I hope this has been helpful. I’ll just add that I consider it the most awesomely wonderful news when I’m told that someone wants to explore more deeply what it means to be a Christian. So if you’d like to talk more with me about this, via this blog, email (, or phone (403-256-1428), I’ll consider it the deepest joy and privilege.

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