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Our January Video Series Encouraged All That We Do in 2013 to be “Grounded in God’s Love”

February 9, 2013

Grounded in God's Love

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On three successive Wednesday evenings in January, we watched on the big screen in our Sanctuary three presentations on the love of God that are among the most powerful that have ever been recorded on film.

On the 16th, we watched a rare precious gem, the only sermon series by Henri Nouwen that I have been able to locate. In this sermon series, which was recorded only a few years before his death at the young age of 64, Nouwen shared the wisdom of a lifetime as he preached on “The Life of the Beloved.” The sermons we watched on January 16 are embedded below in their entirety.

On the 23rd, we watched Brennan Manning give a heart-opening presentation on the bedrock of grace we have for our lives from the love of God, entitled “The Abba Experience.” The introduction and presentation we watched on January 23 are embedded below.

And on the 30th, we watched a presentation by Tony Campolo that, with passion and humour, stirred our hearts to be grounded in God’s love, and then, being thus grounded, bear the fruit of love that will feed a hungry world. This presentation was a combination of portions of two of Dr. Campolos talks. The videos we watched of these talks on January 30 are embedded below.

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