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Our “Grounded in God’s Love” Video Series Begins Tomorrow

January 15, 2013

Grounded in God's Love

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Starting Wednesday, January 16, you are invited to come and experience three presentations on the love of God that are among the most powerful that have ever been recorded on film.

henry-nouwenOn the 16th, we are watching a rare precious gem, the only sermon series by Henri Nouwen that I have been able to locate. In this sermon series, which was recorded only a few years before his death at the young age of 64, Nouwen shares the wisdom of a lifetime as he preaches on “The Life of the Beloved.” 

The following information about Henri Nouwen is from the website of the Henri Nouwen Society,

The internationally renowned priest and author, respected professor and beloved pastor Henri Nouwen (pronounced Henry Now-win) wrote over 40 books on the spiritual life. He corresponded regularly in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish with hundreds of friends and reached out to thousands through his Eucharistic celebrations, lectures and retreats. Since his death in 1996, ever-increasing numbers of readers, writers, teachers and seekers have been guided by his literary legacy. Nouwen’s books have sold over 2 million copies and been published in over 22 languages.

Born in Nijkerk, Holland, on January 24, 1932, Nouwen felt called to the priesthood at a very young age. He was ordained in 1957 as a diocesan priest and studied psychology at the Catholic University of Nijmegen. In 1964 he moved to the United States to study at the Menninger Clinic. He went on to teach at the University of Notre Dame, and the Divinity Schools of Yale and Harvard. For several months during the 1970s, Nouwen lived and worked with the Trappist monks in the Abbey of the Genesee, and in the early 1980s he lived with the poor in Peru. In 1985 he was called to join L’Arche in Trosly, France, the first of over 100 communities founded by Jean Vanier where people with developmental disabilities live with assistants. A year later Nouwen came to make his home at L’Arche Daybreak near Toronto, Canada. He died suddenly on September 21st, 1996, in Holland and is buried in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Nouwen believed that what is most personal is most universal; he wrote, “By giving words to these intimate experiences I can make my life available to others.” His spirit lives on in the work of the Henri Nouwen Society, Henri Nouwen Stichting, the Henri Nouwen Trust, the Henri J. M. Nouwen Archives and Research Collection, and in all who live the spiritual values of communion, community and ministry, to which he dedicated his life.

To get a little taste of what is in store on January 16, and also on the 23rd and 30th, you are invited to listen to the following short audio clips from presentations by Henri Nouwen, Brennan Manning, and Tony Campolo.

You are also welcome to borrow from the “Book Nook” outside of my office Henri Nouwen’s, Life of the Beloved; Brennan Manning’s Abba’s Child; and Tony Campolo’s The Kingdom of God is a Party

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