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A Reflection on Reflecting Christ’s Light – By Chuck Summers and Rob Shepard

November 3, 2012

[T]he moon has no light of its own; it simply reflects the sun’s light. In the spiritual life it is the same. We have no light to share of our own, but we are able to be reflections of Christ’s light.

When I look up at the moon I’m often reminded of our calling to be “the light of the world” and how if I am to let my light shine at all I must remian close to the true Source of light and reflect his light to others. If we let things get between us and the Source of light we do not offer much of a reflection. It is imperative that we remove anything that hinders Christ’s light from shining on us and from us.


Chuck Summers and Rob Shepard are Christian photographers. This reflection is from their website, It was shared at our October 28 Taize Service. Many thanks to Margaret Anne Knowles for continuing to bless us with these wonderful times of worship.

Embedded below is the “The Lord is My Light,” which is one of the chants we sang at our Service.

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