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Seeing Jesus Together in the Shining, Spreading Light

November 2, 2012

When we linger in the Lord’s light, we shall see not only Jesus, but others. Indeed, we shall realize that we need to really see others for the first time. We shall see what life is meant to be about – not who’s greatest or the most important, as James and John and the disciples were caught up worrying about, but sharing love.

Life is about living so that people can see Jesus, can experience his kindness, his love, through us.

John Ortberg in Love Beyond Reason, writes:

In a contagious world, we learn to keep our distance. If we get too close to those who are suffering, we might get infected by their pain. It may not be convenient or comfortable. But only when you get close enough to catch their hurt will they be close enough to catch your love.                                                                                                    

And life and light and love are stronger than death and darkness and hate:

Ortberg continues:

Mark says Jesus touched the man and “immediately” the leprosy left him. The leper did not infect Jesus with his sickness. Jesus infected the leper with his life! … The life that flooded in and through Jesus was so strong that leprosy simply could not coexist with it. …

The secret to spiritual life is not to isolate yourself from sin and suffering. That would be impossible, even if we wanted to. … The secret is to be so filled with the life of Jesus that in touching the world, instead of its infecting us, we infect it.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out!

This is the path of deepest healing for others and for us.

What we have to share may seem so little and inadequate, like the boy’s lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish, must have seemed when he gave it to Jesus to feed the multitude in John 6. But like the boy and the disciples, we shall find that these “little” touches of Jesus’ love – these little rays of his light – will make a huge difference.

In the video embedded below, Tony Campolo shares how the little touch of a birthday party made a huge difference for a woman in Honolulu named Agnes.

So let’s give what we have to share the love of Jesus, to spread the light, to help people see Jesus – and he will take it and multiply it, to bless the broken, the lonely – all our fellow-Bartimaeuses and Agneses – so that all of us may be filled, all of us may know his healing Presence and power, and follow him together on the way.

Thanks be to God.

(This is adapted from the conclusion of the reflection at our October 28 Services. Campolo relates the story of the birthday party for Agnes in his book The Kingdom of God is a Party. This is available in the Book Nook outside my office for any who would like to borrow it.)


Embedded below, is a video of members of the Family Choir of Bethany, a home in Tanzania for orphaned, abandoned, and abused children, singing the South African song “Siyahamba” – “We are Marching in the Light of God”:

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