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Who Says There’s No Hockey? Two Members of Our Parish to Follow

September 20, 2012

The NHL lockout is upon us, but we have two members of our Parish who ARE playing hockey this Fall: Coleman Vollrath (for the Victoria Royals) and Connor Wilson (for the Canmore Eagles). You can keep tabs on how they are doing by clicking on their names under their pictures:



You can also read a news article about Coleman, as the goalie choice in Victoria goes down to the wire, by clicking here.

We are very proud of both young men. Let’s keep them (and their families) in our prayers in this challenging and exciting new phase of their lives.

Speaking of hockey, it is nearly 40 years to the day that Paul Henderson scored the most famous goal in hockey history, to win the Summit Series for Canada. Last week, Kathleen Robinson gave me a copy of his new book The Goal of My Life: A Memoir (thank you, Kathleen!). Henderson wrote this memoir facing a grim prognosis from cancer. He ends his book with the following words:

The Goal of My Life was scored on September 28, 1972, in Moscow. It was such a fantastic moment for me and for all Canadians, and I am so thankful for it. I will cherish it forever. But to live my life the way I have since I became Christian, to live a life that pleases [God], to be His Godly world change agent – that is the real Goal of My Life. I thank God that I’ve been able to pursue that goal for so long.

I pray that Coleman and Connor will achieve wonderful goals playing hockey (who knows, perhaps including some in a future Summit Series or Olympics?), and that the real Goal of their lives may be, like Paul Henderson’s, to live for and through our God of the gift of life.

For those of us who “remember where we were” on September 28, 1972 (and even for those who don’t!), here is Henderson’s “Goal of the Century,” as called by the great Foster Hewitt:

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