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We Had a Tremendous Grad Celebration and Picnic on June 24

June 29, 2012

We were delighted to have Grads Coleman Vollrath, Allison Seidel, and Nicholas Matthews all with us in person  on June 24. We also remembered Sarah Strange, who wasn’t able to be there. At both 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. Services, we offered a prayer for our Grads that used imagery from our first passage from Holy Scripture from Isaiah 40

We pray for Nicholas, Coleman, Allison, and Sarah of our Parish, who are graduating from High School this June, for your blessings to be poured out upon them. Like a shepherd, hug them to your heart. May the way ever be straight for you to come to them, and may their lives ever proclaim the Good News of your compassion, Presence, and power. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.  

With the awesome spread of food, no one went hungry!

Kris Barton cleans up eggs that weren’t used for eating, but for tossing!

Coleman’s athelete’s lungs produce the best bubble, but the Ladies’ Luncheon team are about to unleash a secret weapon that no athlete can compete against.

The Men’s Breakfasters succumb to the Ladies Luncheoners’ superior technology.

My daughter, Alyssa, and Lisa Matthews engage in a heart-stopping tie-breaker in Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Anne Lowry and Art Matthews, aided by Jake Robinson, prove that they are brainy enough to tackle the expanded version of “Rock-Paper-Scissors” from “Big Bang Theory,” which includes “Lizard-Spock.”

A dozen brave souls engage in the Water Balloon Toss!

Nathan and Kai show their innovative way of helping cushion the impact of the water balloon tosses. 

Congratulations to Kai and Nathan, our 2012 Water Balloon Toss champions!

Not pictured is our opening game, in which the Choir, no doubt from all their practice on Sundays moving quickly to and from their pews, achieved victory over our Youth Group in a boisterous version of Musical Chairs. Of course, it’s equally possible that the Youth Group decided to let us win out of deference to our advancing years!

All of these photos will enlargen if you click on them. As they show, our Grad Celebration and Picnic was a wonderful time together! Enormous thanks to Ingrid Bolton and our Prayer Quilt and Shawl Ministry for helping our Grads feel so affirmed; and to Allison Pierce, all who brought food, and especially our Youth Group, for all your work setting up and running our games, and in clean-up, to make our Picnic such a great time of food and fun!   

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