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We Give Thanks for Our New Bishop

June 16, 2012

The Right Reverend Gregory Kerr-Wilson was elected ninth Bishop of the Diocese of Calgary at today’s Diocesan Synod. We give thanks to our God of grace for all five Candidates’ gifts, which include the courage and commitment to offer themselves in service as Bishop of the Diocese. We give thanks to our Lord of love for all those who lifted up our Diocese, Synod Delegates, and Candidates in prayer. And we give thanks to the Spirit of truth for guiding us to choose Bishop-elect Greg.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow;
Praise God, all creatures here below;
Praise God above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Bishop-elect Greg’s Service of Installation will take place at 11:00 a.m. on September 29, at the Cathedral.

In the BAS Service of the Consecration of a Bishop, there is a prayer that I invite us to make it our own and daily offer to our awesome God throughout the summer:

Almighty Father, fill this your servant with the grace and power which you gave to your apostles, that he may lead those committed to his charge in proclaiming the gospel of salvation. Through him increase your Church, renew its ministry, and unite its members in a holy fellowship of truth and love. Enable him as a true shepherd to feed and govern your flock; make him wise as a teacher, and steadfast as a guardian of its faith and sacraments. Guide and direct him in presiding at the worship of your people. Give him humility, that he may use his authority to heal, not to hurt; to build up, not to destroy. Defend him from all evil, that, as a ruler over your household and an ambassador for Christ, he may stand before you blameless, and finally, with all your servants, enter your eternal joy.

Accept our prayers, most merciful Father, through your Son Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, with you and your Holy Spirit, belong glory and honour, worship and praise, now and for ever. Amen (BAS, p. 639).

Embedded below are two videos of Bishop-elect Greg. The first of these is from the DVD put together by our Diocese as part of the preparation for this Electoral Synod.

A Calgary Herald article about our new Bishop can be accessed at

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