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Our Unity as the Body of Christ to Make the Music of God

June 15, 2012

We are the Body of Christ. All parts of the Body work together; all are important. Some parts are eccentric (present company excluded, of course!), but all are cherished, precious, unique. And Jesus is our Head.

The Church is not unlike an orchestra. I read recently about a meeting of the American Psychological Association, in which Jack Lipton, a psychologist at Union College, and R. Scott Builione, a graduate student at Columbia University, presented their findings on how members of the various sections of eleven major symphony orchestra perceived each other:

The percussionists were viewed as insensitive, unintelligent, and hard-of-hearing, yet fun-loving. String players were seen as arrogant, stuffy, and unathletic. The orchestra members overwhelmingly chose “loud” as the primary adjective to describe the brass players. Woodwind players seemed to be held in the highest esteem, described as quiet and meticulous, though a bit egotistical. With such widely divergent personalities and perceptions, how could an orchestra ever come together to make such wonderful music? The answer is simple: regardless of how those musicians view each other, they subordinate their feelings and biases to the leadership of the conductor. Under the conductor’s guidance, they play beautiful music.

We, as members of the Body of Christ, are united in seeking the will of our Head. We are directed and guided by him, all working together to produce a melody of beauty in the world.

(This is adapted from the sermon at our celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi last Sunday.)

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