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News, Links, and Prayers for May 11 to June 1

May 11, 2012

Who from our mother’s arms hath blessed us on our way …

There are 16 news items, 8 links, and 8 prayer paragraphs for May 11 to June 1.


Our Nursery Ministry is Fully Operational:

Many thanks to three certified babysitters in our Parish, Bianca Bolton, Rachael Brisbin, and Anna Seidel, for coming forward to serve those children at our 10 a.m. Sunday Services who are old enough to be away from their parents but not old enough yet for Sunday School. Of course, everyone is most welcome to keep their toddlers with them in the Service. But we are delighted to be able to make this ministry available for everyone who thinks that they and their child would enjoy it. Please spread the word!

We are Continuing to Look for Two People to Fill the Ministry Positions of Sunday School Coordinator and Youth Ministry Leader:

We are looking for two people with a passion for God and for sharing God’s love with young people, one to coordinate our Children’s Ministry, and the other to lead our Youth Ministry. These ministry positions would be part-time (7 to 10 hours per week), with compensation being provided, based on qualifications and experience. If you sense that the Lord may be leading you to become part of the ministry team of our Parish in one of these capacities, please talk with Fergus or John McIntyre (the chair of our Christian Education Committee). For more information, please click here. (Please note that this information still has the Children’s and Youth Ministry positions combined into one. An updated version of the separated job description of these ministries will be available via this link soon.)

April 28 – Our Youth Group’s Bottle Drive and International Dinner were a Huge Success:

Please click here for details. In addition, as the above photo indicates, we were privileged to see the launching of Jake’s modelling career.

April 29 – PWRDF Material and Doreen Peters’ Preaching Stirred Our Hearts to Live Out God’s Mission as God’s Church:

Thank you so much, Doreen, for all your work on this! The many positive comments bear witness to how powerfully you were used by God to help us remember that God’s mission has a church – and we are it!

To access the reflection that Doreen shared with us at our 8:30 and 10 a.m. Services, please click here.

May 5 – A Number Came to Clean and Organize the Inside of St. Paul’s Building:

The weather conspired against us for outside cleaning, but thank you to everyone who did an outstanding job of cleaning and organizing the inside of our building! My Office is reaping some of these benefits, as a spot has been made for boxes of books that I would like to keep in the building, but don’t refer to enough to need in the Office. So far, one box has been filled, and two more are on their way!

May 5 – A Great Turn-out at Our Ladies’ Luncheon Enjoyed Food and Fellowship and Learned About Heart Health:

Thank you, everyone who brought food. Thank you, Kathleen Robinson, for helping with the organizing. And thank you so much, Cari Heart, for your excellent presentation at our Ladies’ Luncheon on “Women and Heart Disease.” Some of the information Cari shared is available in the Hall. It can also be accessed electronically by clicking here. Everyone is urged to become familiar with it, as it has the potential to save your life or the life of someone you love.

May 6 – We Had Fun Skating Out in the Community Together:

Twelve came out to share a fun afternoon of skating at the new Fish Creek Arena 3. It was great exercise, and all of us got through the afternoon without any bumps or bruises, even with our Red Bull Crashed Ice races! No one remembered to take a video of these, but this video of the Red Bull Crashed Ice races in Quebec in 2008 gives a pretty good idea of our exploits:

May 12 – Our Garage Sale is Set to Go This Saturday:

Please click here for details about our plans for the Sale; and here for details about how the Sale went.

May 13 – We are Celebrating Mother’s Day at Our Sunday Services:

Please click here for details.

May 20 – We are Celebrating the Ascension of Our Lord

You are invited to come and worship Our Ascended Lord, who is seated in all authority, power, and glory at the right hand of the Father.

May 27 – We are Celebrating Together the Day of Pentecost

On the Day of Pentecost, we celebrate the birthday of the Church. The Sanctuary will be filled with special decorations, and our post-Service Coffee time will (of course) include birthday cake! As a symbol of our openness to the fire of the Holy Spirit, everyone is invited to wear red (Calgary Flames jerseys are perfectly acceptable!). As a reminder of the different languages spoken on the Day of Pentecost, and the universal nature of the Church,  if we know another language besides English, we are encouraged to use them for the exchanging of the Peace. When we come to the Altar at Communion time, we are also invited to receive Anointing with Oil, as we open ourselves to an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Our 10:00 Service will be Triple C worship. These Services are Christ-centred, Creative, and Compact times together, in which we stretch ourselves and share worship in new and exciting ways). Please look for something special with a Pentecost theme! As is normally the case, Nursery and Sunday School will both be available.

At 7:30 p.m., everyone is invited to come to a Celtic Service of Pentecostal Fire. Many thanks, Margaret Anne Knowles, for putting this together!

June 3 – On Trinity Sunday, We are Celebrating Holy Baptism at Our 10:00 A.M. Service:

On June 3, we shall be sharing the joy of the Andrew and Tracy Roberts family and Conway family as their children received the Sacrament of Holy Baptism in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. 

June 10 – We Have the Joy of Welcoming Our New Members:

We are delighted to especially honour our new members on June 10, all those who this past year have filled out cards indicating their desire to join our Parish family. If you have joined St. Paul’s this past year, but have not filled out a card, please do so ASAP, or let the Office know (403-256-1428), as we would love to include you in this special day.

June 15 – We are Watching “The Help” at Our Movie Night:

Please click here for details.

June 17 – We are Celebrating Father’s Day:

June 24 – We are Sharing Our Parish Picnic Together:


1. – to our website [The most recent additions on our “News and Events” page, in the “Announcements and Newsletters” section, are the May 6 News Bulletin; May issue of Living Waters; and May Calendars (print copies of the May issue of Living Waters, complete with the May calendar, are also available on the magazine rack in the Hall).] (Thank you for our website, Paul Bourgeois!);

2. – to the May 2 Diocesan News Service Newsletter;

3. – to stories of interest, such as “Dress Codes a Good Start, Says Reader” and “Anglican World Marks 350 Years of the Book of Common Prayer;”

4. – to further stories of interest, such as “House of Bishops Highlights, Spring 2012” and “What Makes a Competent Priest?;”

5. – to the “That Poverty Project” blog of Deacon Sean Krausert from Canmore (Sean invites everyone to sign “A Declaration to World Leaders.” You can access it by clicking here; for a summary of this project, see the July 30 “News, Links, and Prayers” posting);

6. to Bill Hellyer’s Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life Personal Page [Bill has also written about his participation in this Relay specifically to us as members of his Parish family; his letter can be accessed from Google Documents by clicking on; typing in as your email address stpaulscalgary; and then typing in as your password God’s Grace. It’s entitled “0039. Bill Hellyer’s June 23 Relay for Life.”] (Thank you for the privilege of being involved with this, Bill!);

7. – to a poem that reminds us in a memorable way that we are all saved by grace (Thank you for this poem, Iona Shaw!); and

8. – to words about receiving the grace of Our Lord in the midst of our challenges and struggles (Thanks again, Paul!).

Please keep emailing me stories, videos, and other items to which I can include links in this section, for the uplifting of our Parish family.


The following part of this posting is for new prayers or prayer-emphases this week. The complete Prayer List is included on the back cover of the weekly Order of Service. If you are unable to attend on a Sunday, and would like to have these prayers emailed to you, please email the Office at

Especially, this next 3 weeks:

We thank the Lord for the improving health of Audrey Gasser, Kelly and her baby, Kristy Laing, Anne Lowry, Jeanette Marczi (Darlene Hollings’ mother), Lynda Mountford, Olive Ponting, Eleanor Turnquist, and Bob and Marlene Wright.

We share the joy of the Andrew and Tracy Roberts family and the Conway family as their beloved children are Baptized on June 15, and we pray for God’s blessings to be poured out upon them without measure.

We commit into God’s eternal keeping Bill Styba, who passed into eternal life on May 20. Rest eternal grant to Bill, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him. Amen. We pray for comfort for Robbie, Rick, Aimee, Kristy, Joy, and all the family. [A Service celebrating Bill’s life will be held at St. Paul’s at 10 a.m. on May 28.]

We pray for Our Lord’s healing touch upon Bill Cardwell (recovering from knee surgery), Colleen Eggertson’s mother, Audrey Gasser, Maureen Good (Frances Pike’s niece), Doug Irwin, Kristy Laing, Mary Lee (Laura Anne’s mother), Dorothy Lewis, Anne Lowry, Jeanette Marczi (Darlene Hollings’ mother), Dennis Moore, Lynda Mountford, Louise Mullaney, Nicola Peden’s father, Ken Penley (Linda Hubert’s father), Olive and Wayne Ponting, Janice Scott, Art Trundle (Rhonda’s father), Eleanor Turnquest, and Marlene Wright.

In their recent bereavements, we pray for comfort for Bill Hellyer, Lisa Matthews, Lynda Mountford, Janice Scott, and all the members of their families; and for the Hollings, Lewis, Haynes, Roett, and Wood families.

We lift up all who are suffering in our own city, our country, and the whole world. In particular, we pray for healing for all who are enduring famine in East Africa and violence in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Syria. May all be sustained by the Lord of love.

We pray for wisdom and strength for those who are working for peace in the Middle East and economic stability in Europe.

And above all, we thank God for the Good News of life and love which it is our privilege to share in word and deed with God’s world.

God bless you all, always.

Your Brother in Jesus,


“I am the Vine, you are the branches.”
John 15:5a

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