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Jesus, God’s Ultimate Love Letter

March 15, 2012

The ultimate revelation of God’s nature and will to us is not the words of the Ten Commandments; it is not in the Temple. It is the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus.

The scuba diving death of Calgarian Ronda Cross in Mexico on March 3 was a terrible reminder of the potential consequences when something goes wrong with this great past-time. I read recently about the story of another scuba tragedy.

Jason Tuskes was 17 years old. He was close to his mother, his wheelchair-bound father, and his younger brother, Christian. Jason was an expert swimmer who loved to scuba dive.

One day, Jason was exploring an underwater cave, but became wedged into a narrow passageway. When he realized he was trapped, Jason shed his yellow metal air tank and unsheathed his diver’s knife.  With the tank as a tablet and the knife as a pen, he wrote one last message to his family: “I love you mom, dad, and Christian.”  Then he ran out of air and drowned.

A dying message – something communicated in the last few seconds of life – is something we can’t ignore. Jesus on the Cross, as the temple of his body was being destroyed, like Jason, used his very last breath to give a dying message of love to us.

Jesus is God’s ultimate love letter, inscribed not with a chisel on the stone of tablets or the stone of a building, not with a diver’s knife on a scuba tank, but with a nail of iron in flesh and blood and a human heart. He is the ultimate communication of God’s nature and will to us, and the communication was and is LOVE.

(This is from the sermon at our March 11 Services. The image at the top of this posting is of “Cross of Nails,” a mixed medium of oil and found objects on canvasboard by Jeffrey Oleniacz. The embedded video below is of the song “Isaiah 49,” by Carey Landry, which is taken from Isaiah 49:15-16.)

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