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A Quote and a Prayer from Transfiguration Sunday

February 25, 2012

[I was touched by the following quote and prayer, and shared them both as the ending of my sermon at our 8:30 a.m. Service on Transfiguration Sunday:]

This Sunday is a hinge for us. With this week, we move from Epiphany into Lent—going literally from the mountaintop into the desert.

The mountaintop is much more comfortable and the pull to stay there is incredible. But the desert is where Christ leads us. Christ leads us there because that’s where so many of our sisters and brothers whom he loves live. Christ leads us there because our common destiny is as partners in this mission of God.

Christ leads us down the mountain and into the desert, because the true transfiguration, the true shining forth of God in all God’s glory happens when we follow him there together.

[Edited from a reflection by the Very Reverend Michael D. Kinman, Dean of Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral in St. Louis]


We want to know you, Jesus.

We want to cherish and hold
Adore and revere
Esteem and glorify you.

Keep you in our hearts
Glimpse you in our lives
Trace you on our paths,

Comforting the homeless
Grieving with the mourners
Forgiving our sins
Healing our wounds
Raising our dying

We are afraid, awed, overwhelmed at your glory.
We are touched, moved, transformed by your love.
We are cleansed, renewed, refreshed by your forgiveness.

We thank you
We praise you
We love you.

You… the transfigured One.
You… the resurrected One.
You… the One…

“This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him.”


[Author unknown]

[The image at the top of this posting is of the 1886 painting “Jesus Goes Up to Jerusalem” by James Tissot.]

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