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“The Skit Guys” are Enriching This Sunday’s “Triple C” Service

February 15, 2012

This Sunday, February 19, at 10 a.m., we shall be having our next Triple C Service (the three “C’s” stand for “Christ-centred, Creative, and Compact”). These Services are special times together, where we stretch ourselves and share worship in new and exciting ways. As part of this month’s Service, we’ll be watching two videos we purchased online from “The Skit Guys” website: “All Wives Want for Valentine’s Day” and “The Skinny on Prayer.”

The website’s description of “All Wives Want for Valentine’s Day” says: All a wife really wants from her husband is love and support, and maybe a few less socks on the floor. In this funny video from the Skitzy Chicks, Carrie expresses her feelings while Melinda tells it like it is.

The website’s description of “The Skinny on Prayer” says: Prayer is us communicating with God, but as Christians we oftentimes treat prayer as something to be checked off a list. We miss the part where we are building our relationship with the Creator of the universe.

The videos are 4 and 4 ½ minutes long, respectively, so the “Compact” component of  Triple C (a Service length of about one hour) will remain intact!

In our Children’s Talk and then in Sunday School, we’ll be helping our children know that they are precious members of our Parish family, loved by Jesus and by us. At the end of the Service we shall be affirming this in a particulary powerful way. It’s a surprise, however, so you’ll have to come to find out what it is! 

Please spread the word and invite your family, friends, and neighbours! To get a sense of the quality of the presentation of humour and wisdom in the videos we’ll be watching, here, embedded, are two others from the same website, “Romantically Challenged” and “God’s Chisel”:

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