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The Christmas Story of Little Piccola

December 29, 2011

[This year, my heart was touched by the simple children’s Christmas story about a little girl named Piccola. I read the story to the children at our 5 p.m. Christmas Eve Service, copied below from Mary Batchelor, ed., The Lion Christmas Book (Lion Publishing, 1984, pages 24-25), and then shared with them the words printed underneath. Please click on the images of the story to enlarge them to a more readable size.]

Why was little Piccola so happy? She didn’t get any fancy presents! She was happy because she received a gift of a baby bird to care for and love. She seemed to think this was the best gift of all!

I think Jesus looks at things like this.

We were like that baby bird: shivering, cold, lost. And Jesus loved us so much that he came down from heaven at Christmas and was born as a little baby to come and be with us, and share his love with us. Just like it made Piccola happy to care for the baby bird, so it made Jesus happy to do this for us.

We are Jesus’ Christmas gift!

So this Christmas, let’s remember how much Jesus loves us. Let’s see all God’s creatures as gifts from Jesus with whom we can share his love. Then we too will have a happy heart like little Piccola!

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