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Julian of Norwich on Jesus as Our Greatest Friend

November 25, 2011

The wisest thing that anyone may do in this life … is for a person to act according to the will and counsel of his greatest friend. This blessed friend is Jesus. It is his will and counsel that we should stay with him, and hold ourselves closely to him for ever, in whatever state we may be; for whether we are clean or foul it is all one to his love.

Through good and ill, he wills that we never turn from him. But because of the contradictions in us, we often fall into sin.

And then our enemy tries to depress us by false fears which he proposes. His intention is to make us so weary and dejected, that we let the blessed sight of our everlasting friend slip from our minds. This friend speaks words of encouragement to our hearts, “For,” he says, “it is not my will that you should be unduly sad and despondent.” 

[Julian of Norwich (1342-1416?), Revelations of Divine Love – in Robert Llewelyn, Ed. and Sheila Upjohn, Tr., Enfolded in Love: Daily Readings with Julian of Norwich (Darton Longman and Todd, 2004), alt.]

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