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Stones as Spiritual Signposts

October 24, 2011

[Each participant in our Celtic Stones’ Service on Sunday evening was handed a reading from Holy Scripture and a stone as they entered the Sanctuary. In the “Proclamation of the Word” part of the Service, everyone read their passages out loud, and then placed their stones in front of the stone Celtic cross in front of the Altar. When these actions had been completed, we all said together these words:]

Blessing of the Stones

May these stones be signs to us  of your abiding presence in our lives. May these stones stand as signposts that mark our journey with you – both those times when we recognized your presence and those periods in our lives when we have forgotten you and felt alone and even abandoned.

Like the stone that brought forth living water in the desert, may these stones bring us nourishment and refreshment as we reflect upon our lives.

May these stones remind us that you are our rock, our cornerstone, our foundation.

May they help us to recognize the stumbling blocks in our lives and the seemingly immovable boulders that have blocked our way, and those times when our hearts of flesh have turned to stone.

And although we stumble and are stone hearted, may we always remember that from hearts of stone you may raise up children of God; that just as you rolled away the stone from the tomb, so you may roll away our fears and failings.

May these stones help us to recognize how we have all been called to be Peter, the rock, the living stones, upon which you have built your church.

May these stones shout out the stories of our lives, stories written on the tablets of our hearts.

We ask this knowing that you are our rock and our redeemer. Amen.

(Many thanks again to our Assistant, the Rev’d Dr. Norman Knowles, for putting this Service together.)

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