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Stewardship Reflection – By Dan Brisbin

October 13, 2011

[Many thanks to Dan Brisbin for sharing the following Stewardship Reflection at our Services on Thanksgiving Sunday, and for giving me permission to reproduce it here:]

For our Stewardship Reflection this week, I’d like to consider the question: When was I closest to God this week?

Just like the word thanksgiving, stewardship is not just a concept but it is also an active, vibrant, doing kind of idea. Thanksgiving is offering thanks to God and other people in response to the gifts that we have received. It is sharing with others – special gatherings with family and friends, sharing our food and mealtimes, giving thanks for farmers and all workers in the agricultural industries, and giving thanks for our life situations – where we live, work, and play. God who created all, God who made it possible, God who can make the impossible become possible, and the God who challenges us to be all that we can be.

When was I closest to God this week? Was it Sunday, when I brought my family to church and picked up my daughter from girl guide camp? Was it Monday, when I when I went to my weekly Scout meeting and took a walk with my son in the neighbourhood? Was it Tuesday, when I shared and played music at my band rehearsal? Or was it sometime during the workweek when I helped out a customer or a co-worker? Did I make enough time for God this week? Did I invite and welcome his presence into all parts of my life during this week? Did I make enough time for prayer, personal and reflective time with God, and did I share with God about my life situations, the important people in my life and give thanks for those things that I am grateful for? Did I ask for or accept support and encouragement from others for those life challenges and obstacles which overwhelm me? And did I offer to give support and encouragement to those who needed it, even though they didn’t ask me?

Everyone has their own personal and unique life situations – where they live, what they do, people and experiences that have influenced their lives, choices they make, and the people and environments that surround
them. How do we choose to live our lives? How would God want us to live our lives? It is in relationship with people, both those near to us and those that may not be so near to us – the stranger, the lonely, the poor, the weak, the helpless, the oppressed, the persecuted, and those that have a deep desire and need to know the true and living God. Are we too busy in our daily lives to make time for others? Maybe during this season of thanksgiving, we need to take time to reflect. We need to press the pause button. Consider the people who have meaning in your life, the ones that have made a difference, people from both the past and present. Give them a phone call, send them an email, spend time with and visit them. Take the time to re-connect with them and thank them for the difference that they have made in your life.

Also, take time to reach out to others and extend God’s love. It is by giving that we receive. The greatest gift of all is our Saviour, Jesus Christ, who gave everything for us.   

What are we willing to give?

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