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News, Links, and Prayers for September 10 to 18

September 10, 2011

God so loved the world … (John 3:16)

The above photo was on the cover of our September 11 Order of Service Bulletin. These steel girders, fused together in the form of a cross, were discovered by responders digging through the rubble at Ground Zero. As they continued their horrendous task, it was a source of comfort and strength to many of them, reminding them that God is with us even in the midst of the greatest devastation.


There are 7 news items, 7 links, and 6 prayer requests for September 10 to 18.


Congratulations, Norman!:
Many of us know that our Assistant, Norman Knowles was leading Sunday Services at St. Edmund’s in Calgary over the summer. He has agreed to their request to continue to lead Services, usually on the second and fourth Sundays of the month, through the Spring. Happily for us, this will leave Norman free to continue to share worship with us on the other Sundays of the month. We pray for God’s blessings to continue to be poured out on and through Norman as he shares the gifts Our Lord has given him in this wonderful way!

September 11:
Tomorrow, September 11, will be our commemoration of Holy Cross Day. This year, it will include a special focus of seeking peace and reconciliation together, as we mark the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 (see the September 7 posting on this blog entitled “Tenth Anniversary to be Marked by Rededicating Ourselves to Peace” and the September 8 posting entitled “The Love That Sacrifices All“).

This Sunday is also Ministry Sunday at St. Paul’s. We are delighted to have our Parish member and Toastmaster World Championship Semifinals’ participant, Kevin Mark, share in the sermon time at both Services. Kevin’s 8:30 speech is titled “Help,” and his 10:00 speech is titled “It’s in Your Hands.” After the Services, there will be displays of the different ministries at St. Paul’s in which we can exercise the gifts God has given us. For more information about Kevin and Ministry Sunday in general, please check out the September 8 blog posting entitled “Ministry Sunday Opens Up Many Windows of Opportunities.”

September 12-16:
Laura Anne is away for this week. While LA is away, please leave all phone messages for me.

September 18:
Look for our next Celtic Service to take place on September 18 at 7:30 p.m. These quiet times of music and reflection have become a precious part of the worship life of St. Paul’s. Thank you, Margaret Anne Knowles, for continuing to bless us with them!

September 24:
You are invited to come and join us for a fun evening of square dancing at St. Paul’s at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 24. Thank you to Sian Roberts and our Community Connection Committee for organizing this! For details, see today’s blog posting entitled “A Dancing Date to Add to Our Calendars.” Tickets can be picked up on Sundays, or ordered via the Office (403-256-1428 – please leave a message for me), or emailing me at

September 25:
Our 10:00 a.m. Service on September 25 will be our first Intergenerational Service of the Fall. The Service is geared to be family-friendly, with a simpler and shorter Liturgy, with songs for all ages, and a children’s talk in place of a sermon. Please invite any you know who might especially like this kind of Service.

At this year’s Diocesan Synod, there will be a motion to accept the first revision of the Canons in 30 years. After our 10:00 Service on September 25, there will be a meeting in the Sanctuary for all who are interested in looking at the proposed changes. You can find the proposed Canons and a summary of the changes on the Diocesan website at

At 7 p.m. on September 25, everyone is invited to come to a Service of Evensong at our Midnapore Chapel, to celebrate our Parish’s 126th anniversary.

October 2:
Everyone is invited to help honour all grandparents and seniors at our annual “Grandparents’ and Seniors’ Day” celebration, this year held on October 2. At both 8:30 and 10:00 Services, we’ll use the Book of Common Prayer Liturgy, sing traditional hymns, and have special readings, reflections, and gifts; and then after the Services, we’ll top our celebration off with cake over coffee. Please spead the word!


1. – to our website [The most recent additions on our “News and Events” page, in the “Announcements and Newsletters” section, are the September 4 News Bulletin; September issue of Living Waters; and September Calendars.] (Thank you for our website, Paul Bourgeois!);

2. – to the September 7 Diocesan News Service emailing;

3. – to national stories of interest, such as the articles entitled “The Primate Remembers Jack Layton” and “Anglicans Respond to Famine” (See the August 16 posting on this blog entitled “Update on Helping the People of the Horn of Africa Through PWRDF”);

4. – to further national stories of interest, such as International Faith Services Mark 10th anniversary of 9/11” and “U.S. clergy denounce anti-Muslim bigotry;”

5.  and – to pdf and blog formats, respectively, of the social justice newsletter, “Many Hands,” by Deacon Sean Krausert from Canmore);

6. – to Sean’s “That Poverty Project” website (for a summary of this project, see the July 30 “News, Links, and Prayers” posting); and

7. For this video of the inspiring story of Derek Paravicini, from CBS’ “60 Minutes” (Thanks again, Paul!):

Please keep emailing me stories, videos, and other items to which I can include links in this section, for the uplifting of our Parish family.


Remember: This part of the blog is for new prayers or prayer-emphases this week. The complete Prayer List is included on the back cover of the weekly Order of Service. If you are unable to attend on a Sunday, and would like to have these prayers emailed to you, please email me at

This week, we especially give thanks to the Lord for the birth of Evan Peters; and we pray for rest and guidance for Dennis and Twyla, and for all the Lord’s loving purposes for Evan to be fulfilled.

We pray for health and wholeness for Doug Irwin, as he recovers from a broken shoulder; and for Gail Lowry (Anne’s mother), who is recovering in Chile from a broken hip she suffered while vacationing on Easter Island.

I ask our prayers for the repose of the soul and comfort for the family of my Uncle, Mike Tyson, who passed into eternal life on September 3.

We continue to seek with all our hearts for relief for all those in the Horn of Africa who are suffering so terribly from famine and violence; and dedicate ourselves to being part of the answer to this prayer for healing.

We pray for the safe return of Kienan Hebert (see for details).

And lastly, we pray for the families of those who died in the September 11 terrorist attacks, and for all perpetrators and victims of violence.

God bless you all, always.

Your Brother in Jesus,



For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them. (Matthew 18:20)

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