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News, Links, and Prayers for This Week

August 10, 2011

“No one who believes in him will be put to shame.” (Romans 10:11)

There are 11 news items, 10 links, and 6 prayer requests this week.


July 4 to September 2:
This is the period of time that our Summer Office hours will be in operation: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Either Cyril or I will be at St. Paul’s on Wednesday mornings from 9:15 to 11:30, be we shall be tied up with Holy Eucharist until 10:15. Laura Anne will also be away August 1-11.

August 7:
I think that our Heritage Day lunch was the most wonderfully diverse spread of food I’ve ever had at St. Paul’s or any other Parish I’ve known! It was simply awesome! Unfortunately, we were all having such a great time eating that we forgot to take any pictures, but we’ll try to  remedy that next year! Enormous “Thanks” again to Sian Roberts, and also to Ken Brightman, for your work in organizing such an outstanding celebration of our cultural diversity at St. Paul’s!  A tremendous “Thank you” to those who put together displays on Acadia (Dorothy Ann and Paul Bourgeois), England (Ken Brightman), Newfoundland (Colleen and Mike Gillingham), and the Philippines (Jehlyn Chaokas and Rosa Goygoyan); and to Allison and Chris Pierce, Anne Lowry, and Doreen and Kerry Peters for sharing flags for the Yukon Territory, the United States, and Wales, respectively! And a huge “Thank you” to everyone who brought their delicious food!

August 12:
DON’T FORGET: At 7:30 p.m. THIS FRIDAY, August 12, you are invited to come to St. Paul’s and watch the movie “Soul Surfer.” For details, see the August 2 posting, entitled “You are Invited to a Movie Night at St. Paul’s on August 12!”.

You can see Bethany Hamilton share her story in the following 7 minute video:


August 14:
This Sunday, we are blessed to have Naomi Asher with us to share for a few minutes at the end of the Service about her ministry to students at McMaster University in Hamilton starting this Fall through “Campus for Christ” (part of “Power to Change”). At our post-Service coffee time, Naomi will be available for anyone who would like to engage in further discussion.

August 21:
On this Sunday, it will be our great joy to celebrate Our Lord’s everlasting love for Alexia De Ruyter and Erica Moore, as they receive the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.

August 22 to September 1:
These are the days I’ll be taking the rest of my vacation. Thank you again you to Cyril and Norman for covering for me for Services and pastoral emergencies while I am away.

September 4:
The first Sunday in September, we are back to 2 Services: Holy Eucharist at 8:30 a.m. Holy (1962 Rite) and 10:00 a.m. (with Children’s Talk and Sunday School).

September 11:
The second Sunday in September will be our commemoration of Holy Cross Day. This year, it will include a special focus of seeking peace and reconciliation together, as it marks the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. This Sunday is also Ministry Sunday at St. Paul’s. After the Service, there will be displays of the different ministries at St. Paul’s in which we can exercise the gifts God has given us. And, as today’s blog entitled “Congratulations, Kevin!” says, we are delighted to have Toastmaster World Championship Semifinals’ participant Kevin Mark share the homily at both Services.  

September 18:
Look for our next Celtic Service to take place on September 18 at 7:30 p.m. Thank you, Margaret Anne Knowles, for your work on this!

September 24:
You are invited to come and join us for a fun evening of square dancing at St. Paul’s at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 24. No experience is necessary. The cost is $5.00 per person. Snacks and soft drinks are included, and there will be a cash bar. Thank you to Sian Roberts and our Community Connection Committee for organizing this! Tickets can be picked up on Sundays, or ordered via the Office (403-256-1428).

September 25:
At 7 p.m. on September 25, everyone is invited to come to a Service of Evensong at our Midnapore Chapel, to celebrate our Parish’s 126th anniversary.


1. – to our website [The most recent additions on our “News and Events” page, in the “Announcements and Newsletters” section, are the July News Bulletin; July/August issue of Living Waters; and July and August Calendars. I forgot that with Laura Anne away, the August News Bulletin will not magically email itself to our webmaster for posting on our website! But now that I’ve remembered, please do look for our August News Bulletin to be posted in a couple of days!] (Thank you for our website, Paul Bourgeois!);

2. – to the August 10 Diocesan News Service emailing (this link should be active very soon);

3. – to national stories of interest, such as the articles entitled “Watch Free Anglican Video Documentaries Online,” “Primate Prays for People of Norway” (this article contains a link to a “Prayer for the People of Norway and for All Victims of Violence and Terror” from the World Council of Churches); and “Anglicans Respond to the African Famine” (See the July 29 posting on this blog, entitled “A Way to Help Those Suffering Famine in the Horn of Africa.”);

4. – to further national stories of interest, such as Ecumenical Response Grows to London Riots” and “Call to Action for Horn of Africa Drought Victims;” 

5. and – to pdf and blog formats, respectively, of the social justice newsletter, “Many Hands,” by Deacon Sean Krausert from Canmore);

6. – to Sean’s “That Poverty Project” website (for a summary of this project, see the July 30 “News, Links, and Prayers” posting);

7. – to a powerful site, from which I obtained the quote I shared in last Sunday’s sermon from Peter Adams of St. Mary’s Church in Luton, England (see yesterday’s posting entitled “Christians and People of Different Beliefs in a Multicultural World;”

8. to the following video of a boy who has just learned to ride a two-wheeler, to which I referred at the beginning of last Sunday’s Sermon. As I said then, I pray that all of us at St. Paul’s (including myself) could both have and communicate this kind of excitement about the joy of walking with Jesus as his disciples!


9. – to the material on Acadia that Dorothy Ann and Paul Bourgeois had in their August 7 display on Acadia (Thanks again, Paul!); and

10. – to the following slideshow that reminds us of “The Gift of Prayer” for us and for others (Thank you #3, Paul!):

Please keep emailing me stories, videos, and other items to which I can include links in this section, for the uplifting of our Parish family.


Remember: This part of the blog is for new prayers or prayer-emphases this week. The complete Prayer List is included on the back cover of the weekly Order of Service. If you are unable to attend on a Sunday, and would like to have these prayers emailed to you, please contact me at (or after August 13, Laura Anne at

This week, we especially give thanks to our God of love for the improving health of Liz Clark (the sister-in-law of Simon Evans), Louise Mullaney, and Joanne Plant.

We continue to pray for the Lord’s healing touch on Louise and Joanne, as they grow stronger day by day from their knee surgeries; and on Liz Clark and Maureen Good (the niece of Frances Pike). We also pray for health and wholeness for Judy Baxter and Elton Hellyer.

We continue to pray for Jesus’ loving arms to surround our former Rector, Carmen Simmonds and Carmen’s family, and the family of Harrison Burke, in their grief.

We also continue to pray for comfort and strength for the people of Norway as they recover from last month’s terrible attacks.

And we continue to pray earnestly for relief for all those in Somalia and the other parts of the Horn of Africa who are being devastated by both famine and violence; and to dedicate ourselves to being part of the answer to this prayer.

Lastly, we pray for an end to the rioting in England; for healing of wounds both of the body and of the soul with the peace of God which passes all understanding; and for the long and difficult process of reconciliation to begin in all the broken communities.  

God bless you all, always.

Your Brother in Jesus,




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