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Answer to “Why a Blog?” Plus News, Prayers, and Links for This Week

May 28, 2011

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6a)


I realize that this question might be going through some of our minds! The answer comes from the Clergy Conference three weeks ago. A number of people have asked me if I found that Conference helpful. I have told each person that it was one of the very best I have attended. Doug Pagitt ( shared with us ways to communicate effectively in the twenty-first century. From his presentation and our discussion, and my own observations over the months, I have come to the conviction that this blog will be a more effective communication tool, and a more faithful exercising of my stewardship of time, than the weekly emailings have been.

First, this blog is less intrusive than an emailing that has 20 attachments! I shall be stopping the weekly emailings, so your inboxes will be getting a break! This is all evolving quickly, and at this point, I do see there being times when the best means of communicating would be for me to email out attached documents (something that at present I don’t know how to include in this blog). But this won’t be happening with anywhere near the frequency or volume that till now has been the norm.   

Second, this blog is interactive. Please do share comments. They will enrich this blog (I know that I find when visiting blogs that the comments are often the most interesting parts!), and they will enrich our relationship with each other.

I plan to post one day a week (usually Monday, I think) – but look for there to be several postings on that day. There will also, of course, be times when circumstances will call for additional postings. Each week, I shall include one posting with a “News This Week”, “Prayers This Week,” and “Links This Week” section.  

In the “Prayers This Week” section, I shall mention special prayer requests. I shall no longer be sending out an attachment entitled “Prayers for This Week.” These prayers, with the additional requests in my blog, you can find in our weekly Order of Service, which we have always encouraged everyone to take home, so that you can pray for those listed throughout the wee. If you are not able to be present on a Sunday, and would like a copy of the Order of Service (for the Prayers, or for any other reason), please let Laura Anne or me know, and we’ll email them to you.

In the “Links This Week” section, I shall also include links to pictures, videos, or words that Parishioners have shared with me (please do keep these coming), as well as some major sites of interest (for example, our Parish website).

So, with no more ado, here we go …  


Congratulations to Evelyn Sykes and Nate Hart, who were united in Holy Matrimony at Emerald Lake on May 21! We pray for a lifetime of happiness together for you!

Congratulations also to Nicola Peden for graduating last Wednesday from the Education for Ministry (EFM) programme. NICOLA: DON’T READ THIS NEXT SENTENCE: We’ll be making a special presentation at the end of tomorrow’s 10 a.m. Service.

We are delighted to welcome back Margaret Anne and Norman Knowles from their recent trip to the British Isles. Norman will be preaching at both of tomorrow’s Services; and Margaret Anne will be leading our upcoming Celtic Service (7:30 p.m. on Jun. 5).

Hymn Requests being sung tomorrow:

– 8:30 Service: “Let All Mortal Flash Keep Silence” (Norman Knowles) and “New Every Morning” (Sydney Chilton).

– 10:00 Service: “Here I am, Lord” (Gael Hogan) and “Bind Us Together” (Mike Roberts).


With the rain this past week, the flooding of which we have been hearing has come directly to our front doors and basements.

Let us pray for all those in our city and surrounding areas who have been affected.

Let us continue to pray for those who have experienced flooding so much worse; for those who are trying to rebuild after fire; and for all those recovering from the recent devastating tornadoes in the U.S.

Let us also keep in special prayer Joanne Plant, as she recovers from knee surgery; Ronnie Gooder (Joanne’s brother); David Simmonds, who is living with cancer; and Geoff Wilson, who is undergoing rehab for his leg; and the family of Canadian Soldier, Karl Manning, who died in Afghanistan on May 27.

And lastly, let us give thanks for the improving health of Ruth Clark, Joanne Plant, and Geoff Wilson.


 1. – to our website [The most recent additions on our “News and Events” page, in the “Announcements and Newsletters” section, are the May 15 News Bulletin [please look for both May 22 and May 29 Bulletins to be posted early next week]; the May issue of Living Waters; the May Calendar; and several “Community Corner” announcements.] (Thank you for our website, Paul Bourgeois!);

2. – to the May 15 Diocesan News Service emailing (this is sent out every other Wednesday);

3. – to national stories of interest, such the article entitled “Prayers for Alberta Fires, Manitoba Floods;” 

4. – to further national stories of interest, such as “Guest Reflection: A Sure Foundation for Living” and “’This isn’t Normal. There’s Too Much Smoke!’” [about St. Peter’s Ecumenical Church (Anglican, Lutheran, and United) in Slave Lake];

5.—look-up/blog-87625/ – to a reflection entitled, “Look Up” (Thanks again, Paul!);

6. – to a moving story called “Mom’s Empty Chair” (Thank you #3, Paul!); and

7. – to an equally moving true story of a premature baby named Danae Blessing (Thank you for this, Dinah Breu!). 

God bless you all, always.

Your Brother in Jesus,

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  1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Kathleen! Sorry the flood video wasn’t from the “Sun”!

  2. Kathleen Robinson permalink

    I just took a look at your new blog and then found myself reading and following links and completely losing track if time, and I just realized about two hours have passed somehow since I started. So either I need to find something better to do on a Saturday night, or your blog is a great success.
    Let’s go with a great success!
    Way to go!

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