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A Book Worth Reading

May 28, 2011

Last week, from our own Garage Sale, I read one of the most powerful books I have ever come across: Left to Tell (Hay House, Inc., 2006), Immaculée Ilibagiza’s incredible story of surviving and overcoming the Rwandan genocide in 1994 that killed 1 million people.

Immaculée endured horrors of body and spirit that can barely even be described, but through her relationship with the Lord Jesus, she has become for the world an example of love, and one of the world’s leading speakers on faith, peace, and forgiveness.

Immaculée managed to avoid being killed by hiding with 7 other women for 91 days in a 12 square foot bathroom, an ordeal that reduced her weight from 115 to 65 lbs. Her fellowship with God gave her the strength to endure.

When Immaculée was finally free and safe, she found that in the genocide, her neighbours and friends killed barbarically her parents, two of her brothers, and most of the rest of her family. The Lord enabled her to overcome the pain in her heart to forgive her family’s murderers, and bear witness to the world that there is a better way to truly live.

Here are some quotes:

The love of a single heart can make a world of difference.

“When you leave this room, you will find that almost everyone you know and love is dead and gone. They are with Me now, and they have joy. I am here to tell you not to fear. You will not be alone – I will be with you. I will be your family. Be at peace and trust in Me, for I will always be at your side.”

The people who’d hurt my family had hurt themselves even more, and they deserved my pity. There was no doubt that they had to be punished for their crimes against humanity and against God. There was already talk at the UN about creating an international tribunal to capture those responsible, and I prayed that it would happen. But I prayed for compassion as well. I asked God for the forgiveness that would end the cycle of hatred – hatred that was always dangerously close to the surface.

I knew that my heart and mind would always be tempted to feel anger–to find blame and hate. But I resolved that when the negative feelings came upon me, I wouldn’t wait for them to grow or fester. I would always turn immediately to the Source of all true power: I would turn to God and let His love and forgiveness protect and save me.

Left to Tell is presently on display in my “Book Nook” outside my office. You are welcome to borrow it.

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